Wednesday, November 14, 2012

God in the details

I read something on twitter the other day from a well known pastor that  basically said when we say we see God at work everywhere we are reducing him down to our size.

I was so startled when I read that. . .

After all I see God at work everywhere or at least I TRY to. . .

Was I wrong in my approach?

I don't have a theology degree, I am 'just' a mom.

Maybe I was wrong.

But, then I saw this

And this

And this

And this

And this too

And here I see Him here too

Maybe this ordinary girl is wrong, but I think to NOT see God at work everywhere we go would be a sad and wrong way to live.

I'm certainly not trying to reduce God to my size.
In fact I think when I see Him at work everywhere, I'm reflecting on His amazing power and also love and grace. . . 

That the God of the universe cares enough about me, about all of us, to allow us to catch glimpses of him in our days while go about our lives is such a gift. . .

just another way He shows his grace.

After all we could live in an all brown  world, but instead He gives us glimpses of the  extraordinary in the ordinariness of our every days.

I hope you see Him today.

Not so He'll be 'our size' but so that His Greatness will be magnified even more next to our ordinary.



Gracenotes from Graceville said...

I love it that He is in the details! Loved this blog today! I've been away too long! ~ Tammy E. ~

Angie said...

Thank you Friend!

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