Tuesday, July 3, 2012

For my Darling Girl

My Dearest Belle,

It's summer time and you're a beautiful six years old.

Except for your aversion to fruit, we mostly agree on things.

We both like the same clothes for you to wear.

But, I'm not naive enough  to think this will last forever.

Nor am I naive enough to think  that I might never  give in to those big brown eyes of yours.

But, don't you be naive enough to think that even though it's hard sometimes, we'll let you wear whatever you want.

Modesty matters.

Now when mommy was growing up, she got told this all the time, but somewhere along the way it got twisted and turned into some legalistic nightmare that ended up with  polyester culottes and a generation of girls thinking their bodies where something to be ashamed of.
And precious girl, I NEVER want that for you!

But, what you wear DOES indeed matter.

So, no, Daddy and I won't let you wear shorts that barely cover your bottom,  the dress that looks like a 26 year should be wearing it instead of little girl, yeah , no on that too.

But, yes to the cute little trendy outfit.

Modesty never means frumpy!

Let's go to the mall and shop away-

But, here's the reason why we'll no to that stuff-


You my darling girl, are worth so much more than displaying every precious thing God gave you for everyone to see.

Because, make no doubt when you wear shorts that cup your bottom and barely cover the thing, you are
telling the world you don't think you're worth anything but that.. . .and see here's the tricky part-you might not
even know that's what you're saying, but that's why God gave you us!

One of my prayers for you, is that you'll be a needle in a haystack kind of girl.

What I mean by that,  is that you are kind of girl that has to be searched for.

Dug deep for.

Because, you're worth that (and so much more).

To be modest because God created a beautiful you as a treasure to be guarded, not paraded around on display for everyone who walks by to get a look.

Because you are more than your body-you're smart, kind, funny, gifted.

Can I be frank, it's hard to see those gifts when all you first notice is booty's and breasts.

So, yes we may fight about this someday.

But, you know what, Darling one?

You are so worth the fight!



**If you're reading this and think you've already lost the battle with your girl- remember the war isn't over yet!

Keep pressing on,


Paige said...

Heard this once. It's funny, but true: wearing immodest clothing is like rolling in manure; it attracts lots of attention, but mainly from pigs!

Sarah said...

Ang, I think this is your best work, to date. So well written, and so, so true. Love your post, love you!

Angie said...

Paige, I heard that for the first time last week-such a profound thought in such everyday words!

Sarah, Wow, thanks!! Love you too!

Tanya K. Moyer said...

Love this!

Just really beginning to deal with this with my 14 yo. It doesn't help when she is literally a size 1 and can walk into any store and look fabulous in anything with her cute figure. We have had a few arguements in the dressing rooms (short shorts are the worst!), but I have found communication and explaining why I feel like I do (like you wrote so beautifully above), goes a long way in curbing the arguments!

Thanks for the encouragement!!! Our girls are definitely worth it!

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