Monday, July 9, 2012

The Face of the Forgiven

Yesterday, one of the kiddos- who well let's just say doesn't get into as much trouble as perhaps some other members of the family, got sent to the 'naughty step' for something she did to one of her big brothers.

There were tears. Lots. of. tears.

And, there were "I'm sorry"'s.

And hugs, lots of hugs.

But, before all that, there was anger.

Lots. of. anger.

She was M A D!

And while she is typically easy going, she was so aggravated yesterday and wanted everyone in the family to know it-especially the brothers.

So, after her 5 minutes on the stair, we went to her room to talk about what went wrong.

By this time she is sobbing, heartbroken about what she had done wrong.
(Thankfully, she is easy to correct)

Red faced, snot everywhere, gulping air between tears. . . .my beautiful girl was a mess.

We talked about why she was in time out, why what she did was wrong and who she needed to apologize too. (Brother, and Jesus)

She gave Brother a hug and asked for forgiveness, then we prayed together where she poured her six year little heart out to her Savior.

As soon as she was done, she collapsed in a snot covered hug onto my shoulder.
Literally, threw herself into my arms.

And, of course, I let her.

She was truly sorry.  And desperate to know all was well with her an mommy.

Of course, I didn't stop and clean her up before I loved on her.

As I sat there holding this precious, tenderhearted, repentant gift of a daughter, I was reminded of how much God loves me.

Loves each one of us.

We can come to him covered in the most vilest of things, pour our hearts out and collapse in His righteous arms.

He never asks us to clean ourselves up first.

He always tells to come to Him first.

He'll take care of the clean up later, just like I wiped my girls face and wiped away all the ugly her sin had produced, He'll do that for us.

We don't have to do it ourselves.

We can't do it ourselves.

You'll never be whole enough, clean enough, on your own.

And He's not asking you to be.

Take your broken, filth covered self and collapse in His arms.

He won't say No.

Just like a parent, He's waiting to hold you.

To show you He loves you.

To wipe away your tears and clean you off.

To love on you.

Whatever it is, you can bring it to Him.

And just like my girl, you can have the face of the forgiven.

I'm praying for you today,


Sarah said...

Honest to goodness, Angie! I have always enjoyed your blog, but seriously and for real... you keep getting better and better! Talented, sister. Thanks for sharing this. Broke my heart this morning... always for the better.

Angie said...

Always because of Jesus!

Thank you Friend, your kind words touch my heart!

Hillbilly Tonya said...

Time to write that book my friend. You see so many parallel truths in your day to day life. Isn't it wonderful that we have an Abba Father?

Angie said...

Oh, thanks. . .someday. . .

It is absolutely the best gift, I was grateful for the reminder last night!

Andrea Hester said...

Love it when God speaks truths to me through my kids!!

Angie said...

I think it is one of the most special things about being a parent. . .we get an unclose and personal view of how God loves us-and no matter how much we love our kids, it can never rival how much God loves us!

The Richardson's said...

Your are amazing, sister. Thanks for allowing Him to use you to literally type word for word the exact words that I (and probably many others) needed to hear today.

In your balcony!

Angie said...

Thank you so much for the encouragement !

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