Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I wanna be Right

Words my darling Girl said to me while we were playing a rousing game of Go Fish.

"This card Mamma?  I wanna be right!"

Oh my, how that struck a cord with me.

For years I was a "Right Fighter".  As in, I am right and I'm going to fight until the end to prove my point.

No matter if the other person (namely The Hubs) had walked away from the discussion or not-I was right and he needed to know that. . .btw, No. No he didn't.

But, what Precious Girl was struggling with was that desire to not make a mistake in front of others.
She wanted to fit in and not have others know she needed help or might not know exactly know how to play.

My word, Pride can take on all sorts of forms and seep into our lives in all sorts of ways.

And when it does, and we become so consumed with how we look in front of others we put these masks on and no one can see who we really are and when they can't see who we really are, they can't really see all the gifts we've been given to share with the world.

And make no mistake-You do have something the rest of the world needs.  Even if it's not perfect, even if it's wrapped in a package you'd rather hide or change-you've got something to share.

So, instead of right I want to be real.

A real woman who doesn't have all the answers, but knows the ONE who does and desperately seeks after Him.  More desperate for HIM, than the need to appear 'right'.

Right or Real-which do you want to be?


Marcia Bloom said...

So many years I wanted to be right, now I've finally lost some of the pride and understand than the ugly realness is what God uses.

Angie said...

Amen to that Sister!

Anonymous said...

I do want to be real, but is so hard to let people see the real me.
I'm afraid. Would you pray for me ?

Angie said...

Don't be afraid-Ps 139 promises that your creator not only knows you, but understands you as well-hang on to that when it feels like no one else sees the real you.
Yes, I will be so happy to pray for you!

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