Saturday, August 20, 2011

Packing and Unpacking

I'm sure there were Praise Offerings heard far and wide these past couple of weeks as kiddos headed back to school.

Back to School is always an emotional rollercoaster for me.

Happy- No more playing Cruise Director, Julie McCoy as I try and keep everyone entertained.

Astonished -where in the world did summer go?

Overwhelmed- between new schedule's, back to school shopping, making sure you have the EXACT thing on the supply list. . . it often overwhelm's this Momma.

Sad-my babies are growing up. As much as I encourage this, it still breaks the heart of me. ..the eternal struggle of parents.

As I was dealing with my emotionally wrecked self, I found myself labeling and filling backpacks.

Even for the 7th grader.
I only do for back to school, but I do love filling their backpacks and organizing their things.
Nothing like a new school year and fresh start.

Tuesday was the first day for this guy:

All smiles and slicked back hair.
Watch out 2nd grade, you're about to get rocked!

The next day was the big boys first day of 7th grade.
That seems so crazy to me. . .I still remember my first day of 7th grade. How could I be sending this man/child off to 7th grade??

I've mentioned before how much I hated 7th grade.
It was very difficult year for me.
Didn't fit in with kids I known my whole life.

Awkward. Lonely.

As I was packing up the big boy's back pack with all his school supplies Tuesday I found myself praying all sorts of things for him as he sets out on this new year.

Good things to pray. . . ramblings of a Momma. . .desperate prayers, that weren't really prayers but begging . . .

And it was if the Lord spoke right to the heart of me. . .don't pack things in there for him that aren't necessary. . .
Fear, anger, loneness, bitterness. . . .He's not you, don't load him up with extra burdens to carry.
 He'll be Ok. I've got this covered.
 Have I ever failed you before?
Don't make his load heavier by putting your own stuff in there.

I can't tell the extreme sense of peace that overflowed in those quiet moments.

Do you ever do that?
Put stuff on others that they don't need to carry?

Maybe I'm the only one, but I doubt it.

I Peter 5:7  Cast all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you.

Jesus is the only one who can hold on to our fears and anxieties and invites us to throw them all to him.

So off to 7th grade C went, his backpack a little lighter, filled with only things he needs not with useless things of mine I was trying to shove into the corners.

And we were both the better off for it.



Tiffany said...

We have the phrase in our family "carry your own water". Reminds us of this very truth. Hard to realize that our kids are not just like us. I hope cam has a great 7th grade year!

Angie said...

So very true!

Thanks-trusting in God that he will!

Tonya said...

Hmmm, this is a good point.

Of course, I selfishly got hung up on the first paragraph. I yearn to be excited for back to school time. With the oldest being 21 and the youngest being 20 months and the one in between and the brother I practically raised...I just don't know what it is like to have time to myself. We have always homeschooled. I never had those peaceful days and never will I think. But I have to keep reminding myself that "It's not about me".

Time to go grade that math test...

Angie said...

You homeschool moms are like Rock Stars!
God will reward your faithfulness-Keep pressing on!

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