Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bird on a Wire

On our way to the first day of Pre K today, the Princess found a bird sitting by itself on a wire.

An ordinary thing to you and me, but to a little girl who loves all animals (bugs do NOT count) every creature we see along our journeys is a big deal.

Momma a bird, I see a bird. It's so tiny and cute.

Oh, I see it too Baby. Yes, it is cute.

But, it's all alone Momma. Is she sad to be all alone.

I don't know Baby. Do you think she's sad?

No, I don't think she's sad. I think her Momma taught her how to fly and now she's practicing. So she's super happy. And after awhile she'll go fly back to her Momma.

I think you're right Baby Girl.

Fly away for just the day. . .and then come home and tell me all about it.


Angie Gibbs said...

**swallowing the lump in my throat** Those are profound thoughts coming from your Baby. :-) That's what parenting is all about.

Angie said...

I could not believe the conversation we were having on this first day of school. . . .I was determined not to cry in front of her. . .she made it much harder ;)

Tonya said...

I bet she did make it hard!While I might have grumbled yesterday, actually all day today if you want the truth...you just made me feel better. At least I never have the whole sending off to school thing to deal with! That would be so so hard!!

Mikayla said...

this made me smile. she is precious and I love the picture; she looks so excited!!

Angie said...

So was super excited!
She had a GREAT week and is a little bummed she's not going today.

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