Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sometimes there are too many words in my head. . . .

I've had about 4 blog posts bouncing around in my head over the last week, but alas there either wasn't time to write them (we had VBS last week) or there were too many words for me to sort through.
Then yesterday our friends sweet four old boy went home to be with Jesus.
That made the words even more jumbled in my head.

The little guy never enjoyed a day without medicines or pain and we know and believe he is whole now and as Jude put it -he gets to run with Jesus, Mama-but I also know his own Mama's arms ache to hold him once more and see his precious smile.

So, in the midst of the pain and grief, here is just about all I've been able to do.
Remember who God the Father says He and His son are.
I hope these names bring you peace and comfort in whatever storms you are facing in your own life right now.

EL SHADDAI-God All Sufficient
JEHOVAH-JIREH-God will Provide
JEHOVAH-ROPHE-The Lord who Heals
JEHOVAH-NISSI-The Lord our Banner
JEHOVAH-M'KADDESH-The Lord who Sanctifies
JEHOVAH-SHALOM-The Lord our Peace

There are more, there IS more to our Saviour, but these are some ones that I have been clinging to these past 24+ hours.

Whatever you may be going through today -whether it's life and death, or a marriage falling apart, to a fussy baby, to broken down car -no that EL ROI-the God who sees is looking at you and He is your PALET-Deliverer.

Shalom for all of us today.


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