Wednesday, July 21, 2010

On the Road Again.. .

We just returned from a vacation, that quite frankly, no one is ready to be back from.
Reality is a cruel thing sometimes.
The reality is we live in the middle of the country and the desire is that our toes were still sinking in the sand and the waves were lapping at our heels. That no one had to work and we could spend all our time together.
This was my babies first time to see the ocean. And they were not disappointed. Nor were we at their reactions!
Mimi and Poppie were there too which only added to the fun and excitement of our adventure.
BTW, I get asked, or it is said to me quite often, that some don't know how we spend so much time together or how lucky we must be to get along all the time.
Let me say, yes we are so blessed to be close, but please don't misunderstand, we are regular people, who can drive each other batty sometimes. The key is acceptance of who each other is and the ability to forgive -and laugh at yourselves.
If you don't have that in your lives, know that we know we are blessed.

So much happened in our 1100 mile journey and God was there each step of the way revealing Himself! I won't share each thing I learned, but here are a few highlights.

When you pray and ask the Lord for ways you can practice the Fruit of the Spirit during your day, mostly likely at the next rest stop some guy will honk at you while you are buckling in your little girl. Or you'll have an extremely rude waitress. Or someone will flip you a not so nice gesture because you're going the speed limit.
I'm pretty sure He wants to know if you're serious or not. And you can be sure, your kids are ALWAYS watching. Now, to be sure these things can and do happen whether we've prayed that or not, but it certainly helped my response when I remembered what I'd just been praying. At least for that day- each day, each hour, sometimes moment to moment is a chance to make a choice-respond the way my flesh wants to or how Jesus wants me to. I fail allot. A WHOLE lot, but His grace covers me and thankfully His mercies are new every morning!

The other thing I could not get over, was God's amazing imagination! We went from the plains of Kansas to the Smokey Mountains to the beautiful beach. God is so creative! Can you imagine a God who created all that created it with us-you and me - in mind?!
To show us His might and power, to show us who He is and to show us how much he loves us. Overwhelmed me at times!
I couldn't get this song out of my head-and the poor hubs and to endure my rendition of it every time we walked along the shore.

So, we are home, trying to back into the swing of things, to not notice the school supplies that are front and center when you walk in the stores. Appreciating each other more and being grateful for God's blessings that surround us everywhere we go.

Whether you went somewhere great this summer or had a staycation(we've had those too)enjoy your peeps and know that God created all you see for His glory and to show Himself to you!

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Terri said...

So happy for your trip! I was actually born at the beach and moved to the midwest at about 16. I still miss the shore and don't get back nearly as often as I would like! I made the commitment to take my oldest back each year, but then we had another and haven't gotten back yet. Hopefully my girls will know my hometown and the awesomeness of the sea!

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