Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Birthday . . . .

It's been one year since I 'officially' started blogging.
Happy Birthday to my little blog!
Of all the things I thought I might end up doing in life -this certainly was never one of them!
May each word glorify God. May each thought be clear. May my children forgive me for embarrassing them, when they realize 99% of the stories are about them! And maybe, just maybe someday it won't take me 10 minutes to explain what Lessons from Aisle 12 is to someone for the first time. . . .

Thanks for be on this crazy ride of life with me!



Bill and Tammy said...

What a great day to have an "anniversary" or "birthday" for your blog! I'm enjoying it as well! Thanks for faithfully sharing! Blessings! And have a nice vacation!

Angie said...

Thanks so much! Praying for you today!

We will, and I'm sure I'll have LOTS of stories to share! :)

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