Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Yesterday I read that it was 'World Juggling Day' and that got me to thinking about what I've been juggling lately. It's allot. And it's been completely overwhelming at times.

There are many reasons why and I won't list them all, because there is nothing worse then hearing someone whine. And, also one of my best girlfriends is serving right now in Africa and let's just say that puts a little perspective on things.
Not, that my feelings aren't valid -or yours!
But, as I was having that sinking feeling-you know the one, where you are treading water but feel like you are sinking at the same time- I began to shift my focus on the things around me that God was overwhelming me with His grace.
I cannot begin to tell you how that changed my attitude and my perspective!
I began, not just seeing what needed to be accomplished, but what already had been accomplished on my behalf. Not what just needed to spent on bills, but how we'd been so graciously provided for. Not just children who needed discipline and correction, but children with amazing gifts and talents that are directly from the Lord-because they surely didn't get them from us!

So, my prayer for you today is that you won't be overwhelmed with all you have to juggle-from fiances to medical issues. From children and laundry. To marriage's hanging on by a thread to the mundanes that life can sometimes be.
But, instead that you will be overwhelmed by the pure Grace of God! Look around, it's bigger than anything else you have going on in your life right now. And once you start looking, you'll find you can see Him everywhere!

Blessings to you today as we journey together! And feel free to let me know what Grace has overwhelmed you lately!

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Terri Gake said...

Love it! Thanks for the word of encouragement!

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