Friday, October 3, 2014

Sometimes 'Just' is all you need

I was in Walmart Saturday.

(I enjoy a challenge.)

When I overheard two ladies chatting, who apparently hadn't seen each in awhile. ( I am a major people watcher so I can't help but take these sights in . . .) And as women do, one of the ladies asked the other 'what do you do'.
Her answer may or may not surprise you.

 She said 'Oh you know, I'm just a Mom'.

 I tried to hide my smile and fight the urge to go and hug her!
I've described myself like that-recently in fact.

 Just a Mom.

Well on my drive home I began thinking of all the reasons why we do describe ourselves that way, which lead me to thinking about all the women who were 'just' something.

Eve was just first.

Mrs.Noah was just a wife standing by her man.

Jochobed(Moses mother) was just a mother trying to save a baby.

Sarah was just an old lady.

Rachel was just weeping for her son.

Rahab was just a prostitute.

Hannah was just a lady praying for a baby.

Bathsheba was just used.

Ruth was just a widow.

Naomi was just a mother in law.

Esther was just an orphan.

Mary was just a girl.

Anna was just waiting for her Messiah.

Martha was just busy.

Mary Magdalen just a women who knew what she'd been delivered from.

Priscilla was just a faithful follower.

Maybe your 'just' is something you don't think can be used.

Just divorced, just lost a child,  just lost a job,  just a single person, just a women with a career, just uneducated,  just a mom.

I'm so glad the Lord looks at my 'justs' and sees what only He can do with them.


Traci Rhoades said...

Love this! And you know there were days these biblical women felt so ordinary. Sharing on my social media. Great post!!

Angie said...

Thank You so much Traci!

Kori said...

Great post, Traci! I also like how you lead off with this (WalMart on the weekends is a test of patience). Anyway, this is part of the reason why my blog is called what it is.

Kori said...

Sorry, my fingers are ahead of my brain- Angie!

Angie said...

Thanks Kori! And I can TOTALLY relate to the fingers being ahead of the brain ;)

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