Monday, April 14, 2014

The Privilege of Femininity

*This article was submitted to the magazine "Hello Darling", a publication of MOPS International.
They were asking writers to tackle the topic of 'femininity' and all it's different aspects for their upcoming summer issue.
Here is my entry. It's  a difficult thing to summarize in 450 words, but this is my best effort.
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“Momma can girls be president?” a question recently posed to me by my seven year old daughter.

“Of course, Baby!” was my  instant reply.

A few seconds of silence from the backseat, then almost incredulously, “Have there been any girl presidents?” she asked.

I think I might have groaned just a little on the inside, as I slowly replied, “well, no.”

Then, of course, the inevitable, “why?”.

The conversation went on a few more minutes ending with her declaration and my affirmation that indeed she COULD be the first female president.

A few days later a taunt on the playground, ‘you’re just a girl!” 
And the question of why would someone say that to be mean.

So, what do we tell our girls?

What do I tell MY girl?
And my two boys?

Deeper still what do I tell myself.

I’m an ordinary woman and mom, my thoughts aren’t generated from a textbook or seminar, but they are what I tell my baby girl, and yours, and all of us Daughters of the King.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made.
We each have unique gifts and personalities that God gave us.
And one of those special gifts is our gender.

Being a girl is not a curse.
It’s not an obstacle to overcome, not something to hide or pretend doesn’t matter
or that makes no difference in our lives.
It’s what makes us who we are.
While we may do things differently, it doesn’t mean we do them worse.

Being a girl is a blessing that can give you a unique perspective on what is happening around you.

And while the world may be screaming at you to be soft and sultry one minute and hard as stone the next; to sexualize your femininity  to gain everything you can, or pretend you are gender neutral the next-

Your Creator says, you are perfect exactly as you are.
I saw you before you were formed. I do not make mistakes.

Gentleness is not weakness, femininity  is nothing to fear or hide.

Embrace who you are.

Know that no matter what the media says, what society says, what boys or even other girls say-You are enough.

 Be smart, funny, inquisitive, tough when called for and tender when it counts, be a great friend and a good listener.
Get your hair done and wear lip gloss, get pedicures and wear fun dresses-
Or don’t.
But, never apologize for being a girl. 

Don’t hide your light.
Shine and be the amazing girl God created you to be-don’t hide it embrace it.

First Female President, or Momma loving her babies well, and everything in between being a girl is exactly who you were created to be.


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