Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I Wanna be Brave

I snapped this picture about 15 minutes after my girl said one the most amazing thing to me yesterday.

This beautiful thing looked at me - her nose an inch from mine and out of no where, said

"Momma, I want to do something brave with my life!".

Nearly took my breath away.

I couldn't help but think of all the things in my life that fear has stopped me from doing.

Frankly, fear often stops me from writing. Does that surprise you? It's a hard thing to put yourself out there for others to respond to or not.

Fear of rejection, fear of being not good enough "who does she think she is", fear of failure, fear of success.
All those things can stop me if I let them.

After B, said she wanted to do something brave with her life, she began listing what some of those brave things might be.

Big dreams, that yes indeed she'd need to be brave to pursue them.

But, the bravest of all?

"No matter where I go or what I do, I want to tell people about Jesus."

Yes, fear has stopped me from doing that sometimes as well.

For all the same reasons fear keeps me from writing.

I pray she never lets the 'no's' of the world stop her, or even her Momma's fears.

And I pray, I'm as brave as her someday.

What do you want to do that you need to be brave to face?

Leave me a comment and let me know-it's so much easier to brave when you're not alone!



Anonymous said...

maybe if you weren't such a coward you wouldn't have to worry about your daughter being brave. I think that is just ridiculous that you claim to follow Jesus and are such a coward.

Angie said...

WOW, I'm sorry you feel that way.
Maybe you shouldn't read my blog anymore. I'm a flawed girl, who's saved by grace. Nothing more nothing less.

Diane Who Loves This Blog!!! said...

Listen! You PROMISED to warn me and let me grab Kleenex??? REMEMBER??? Oh how I love that girl - this is awesome!! What a wonderful and BRAVE daughter you are raising, my friend. Well done indeed! You rock Princess Belle - so does her MOMMA!!!! Where are my Kleenex....or your sleeve!

Carl and Jackie Kincaid said...

I am CERTAIN she will act on those big brave dreams. You are teaching her well to do so, in spite of her fears. And today, you both taught me!

Debbie-Sue said...

I love how God uses our children to teach us. Also, I think your anonymous follower needs a hug. Because God loves them, I will choose to love them, too.

Angie said...

Debbie-Sue, yes, I'm trying to remember that too!

Jackie, Thank you! Andie and you are such an inspiration to me as I parent my girl!

Diane-sorry I didn't warn you :)

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