Saturday, November 23, 2013

Quiet Thanksgiving

It's here.

One of the seasons most Americans love the most.


The food, the family the traditions of it all.

A time to pause and remember and to give thanks for all the gifts we've been given.

Over the past few years something that has become popular on social media is the 30 days of thanksgiving.

Where you post each day what you're thankful for in your life.

I've participated the last couple of years and have found real value in doing so.

There is something powerful about  specifically  taking the time each day to say, essentially out loud, what  you're grateful for.

However, this year I've felt compelled not to participate.

Not because I don't find value in doing so - or as some like to pretend 'I'm to cool to be involved  in something so pedestrian'. . .

No, this year while I am Oh so very thankful for so many many things, I felt like my heart had changed somewhat I didn't like what was happening.

  In the days leading up to November, I began to feel a mixture of emotions such as; Pride, condescension   and an almost Pharisaical judgement on those who didn't participate.

And in those days, I heard a still small voice whispering to me, "You are so anxious to tell others what you're thankful for, but why don't you spend as much telling Me-the Giver of the gifts?"

Oh so very convicting.

Was it true? Could it be true? That while I was essentially shouting from the modern day roof tops all of my blessings I was thankful for, I wasn't taking as much time in prayer to thank the Giver of the Gifts?

And sadly, yes, I found it to be true.

So, this year, I've spent a quiet thanksgiving. A thanksgiving of the heart.

Time in quiet solitude as I thanked the ultimate grace giver, the sustainer, the giver of all things perfect and good. . .not always easy, but always good.

And in those times of quiet thanksgiving I've learned more about blessings than I've ever could from the one or two sentences I was posting as my status last year.

What I am proposing is not for everyone-nor should it be. . please hear me say, I believe there is great value in 'speaking' your thanks out loud. It can be a powerful witness to those around you.

But, for me, and maybe for another reading, this year needs to be a quiet thanksgiving. A thanksgiving so personal between the Lord and myself.
A true - time taking out pouring of a thankful heart, not a blip on a screen that took me a minute to write.

So, that is where I'm at this year.  
Every year is a journey.

I am oh so thankful for the still small voice that whispers to me, that never gives up on me, that pours out love and compassion, mercy and grace -365 days a year.
Who thought of me before time began, is never stunned or surprised by my  actions and yet chose to love me anyway.

What about you?  Have you had some time alone with Him this year to pour out your heart in quiet thanksgiving?

You are each a blessing to me and I pray your thanksgiving is filled with love, laughter and peaceful reflection this year.

Ever thankful, ever mindful of the Gift Giver,


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