Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Lessons While Driving

Two weekends ago found me driving about three hours to Wichita for our oldest Robotics competition.

The Midwest has been particularly stunning this year as the season is changing and the colors could not be more vibrant.

On the drive back Saturday, I took a more scenic route and it did not disappoint.

The country side was absolutely stunning, like something out of travel brochure as it was all lit up with reds, yellows and golds.

On the Tuesday of that following week, I traveled about three hours toward Southern Missouri to go speak to a great group of MOPS moms.

The only difference this time . . .it was raining.

It rained the whole drive down. Not just a little rain. A LOT of rain. The kind that makes you grip the steering wheel a little tighter and sit up straighter in your seat so you can pay close attention kind of rain.

I had a wonderful time with those Sweet Momma's and was blessed by them, and by the time I was heading back home the rain had all but stopped.
Just a little drizzle now.

The drive home, I was struck again by the beauty of this particular Autumn in the Midwest.

God has truly painted us a beautiful portrait this year.

As the week progressed and into this past weekend, I've been thinking about both those drives and their contrasts.

You see the beauty was the same for both.  In fact, in could be argued that the one in Missouri was even  more spectacular because of the green hills all those fall colors were using as a backdrop.

The only difference?

It was much harder to see the beauty of the one through the rain.

God's handiwork-exactly the same.
The beauty-I was surrounded by it on all sides.

The difference-

My perspective.

Sometimes life is so hard and it feels like we're so busy gripping the steering wheel so we don't crash that we miss the beauty around us-the work going on around us on our behalf .

But it's still there.
God is still at work.
Even when it's hard for us to see.

And you know, just like my journey, the rain eventually stops and you're able to see clearly what's been there all the time.

I love this verse-in fact I have it hanging in my kitchen window.

Malachi 3:6a "I am the Lord I do not change."

What an amazing promise !

No matter what storm  is ragging around us, God is still there, still at work...

And someday we will be able  to see the beauty of it all!

Until then, keep holding on  ...

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Anonymous said...

You have no idea how much I needed to hear this right now.
Thank you for putting your heart out there and for this reminder.

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