Monday, November 18, 2013

Graceful Rewrites

Oh My Goodness, last week was a rough one!

My kids get sick all the time-I however do not.

What Momma has time to be sick?

Well, this Momma got knocked down and knocked down good.

One of the amazing things from my view while down was watching my hubby rise to the occasion.

Meal maker, laundry doer, head vaccummer (I totally made that word up) homework helper, peace treaty negotiator and head taxi driver-not to mention medicine passer outer and temperature taker for me-he was not only the glue that kept us together last week, but he was pretty much the everything.

I have a feeling if he wouldn't have stepped up it could have a been a little like the Hunger Games around here.

That's the stuff you don't think of when you're dating.

Will this guy throw away all my used tissues without complaining. . .
Will he fold a towel, clean a bathroom, vacuum a floor-just because it needs done?
And will he do it without expecting applause?

My husband didn't have the easiest of childhoods or a Christ like male role model to show him how a godly husband/father loves his family.

He shows me all the time in little and big ways-never let someone's past define how you see them.

With an outpouring of Grace and  a passion to follow Jesus, a person can be so much more than their past might suggest.

Isn't that one of the most amazing things God does?
Takes people, who on paper, should never be able to do anything for the Kingdom, never be able to have a family and love them well-not perfectly, but oh so well, and God takes them and molds them and uses them.

When I think about the Hero's of the Faith, and look at their beginnings with my human eyes, I would have picked the wrong person for Kingdom Work every time.
I would have been in the crowed cheering for Saul to be crowned king, never thinking a lowly shepherd boy was really who God would want to be King.

I would've over looked that burly fisherman and instead found a Pharisee.

I would've gone to the Palace looking for the newborn king and not some dirty smelly stable.

But, God uses who He chooses.

He knows that past does not define.

Sometimes I think not only do we let the past define how we see other people, but we let it define how we see ourselves.

As if ours is THE ONE story God can't redeem.

We look at others and we're pretty sure that is exactly who God would choose to use, yet we limit what we think  He can do with us because we know our story.

But, then I read Rahab the harlot name right there in the lineage of Christ.

How Jesus himself called a Samaritan woman out of her sin and never once told her she was a hopeless case.

Mary Magdalene, how the grace poured out on her and changed her forever.

The Hubs, who on paper should've been the one who walked away because he didn't know what staying looked like.
Didn't know how to parent, because he was never parented

And yet has shown me over and over again what it means for a husband to love a wife they way Jesus loves the Church.

Never Ever let someone's past define their future in your eyes.

Never Ever let your past define who your think you are and what God can do with  you.

God loves to write his story and he loves a grace filled plot twist.



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