Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Why We Celebrate

We are a Christian family.  (Some might use the word conservative to describe us)

Our children's education in firmly rooted in Christianity.

We are active and engaged in our church.

And yes, we celebrate Halloween.

This year I'm sending out into the neighborhood, Dr Who, a  Policeman and an Autumn Fairy.

I can't wait to see who appears at my door: Princesses, Superhero's and I'm guessing a few Duck Dynasty guys are sure to make their way to us to get some candy.

When our oldest was tiny we wrestled with what to do regarding this most controversial of holidays.

And we came to the conclusion you just can't always say No.

We are called to be light to a dark world. What better way than shinning some light in the middle of a dark night?

Especially, important for us we believe, since we don't attend our local schools.
What a great way to reach out to our neighbors.

Of course we invite them to VBS, Trunk or Treat, Church, but should it always be that they have to come to us? Don't we need to go to them sometimes as well?

So that's what we do.

We hand out the GOOD candy with a smile - no tract, no invitation- just fun.

We see neighbors we don't always get to see often.
It's a fun night that we look forward to for months.

It's our family's PREFERENCE.

If it's  your family's PREFERENCE to not participate that fine to.

I get it. I really do.

Here's the thing though. . .could you please ask you kids not to tell mine that they are celebrating the Devil's birthday?  
That we are engaged in some sort of pagan holiday. . . 

Because if we are truly TRULY honest, MODERN day Halloween has as much to do with Devil worship as  the celebration of MODERN Christmas has to do with Jesus.

If you don't celebrate, can I encourage you to point out that 'all families are different, this is what works best for our family'-this is a mantra at our house concerning movies, video games, and music.

Don't look down on another family for not being exactly like you.

Our world doesn't need anymore Christians who look down their nose at them, saying loudly in the store so everyone around them can hear "WE DON'T CELEBRATE HALLOWEEN LIKE THOSE PEOPLE"

Love people where they are  and yes, sometimes that's in the dark.

And really-who doesn't love free candy??



Jennifer Kaufman said...

Love this! We too have been condemned a bit for celebrating halloween despite being pretty conservative Christians as well. You've hit the nail on the head though. If we don't, we are effectively saying we are better than those who do - and that's far from welcoming and loving. In fact, the lights off and no candy at the house because "that family goes to church and doesn't celebrate" does little to glorify God. Thank you for speaking this viewpoint!

Angie said...

Thanks so much for commenting Jennifer!
Speaking up on this is scarier than trick or treating that's for sure ;)
We have dear friends who don't agree and that's ok too.

Jackie said...

Agree. We have an awesome time with good friends and also meeting many of our friends who are not believers. . . as we are wandering the streets with our little cuties. :)

Angie said...

Have fun Jackie!

WarriorPrincess said...

I feel the same way about Santa, too. What people don't realize is that children don't understand why they can't participate in something fun--and dressing up in a costume that isn't gross or demonic is just that. I'm going as Captain America tomorrow for our Halloween party because we have a superhero theme! Sometimes you have to meet people where they are....

Angie said...

Captain America -LOVE HIM and Santa, I have a deep abiding love for Santa.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe you would allow your children to participate in a holiday that has nothing good to offer them.
This is what is wrong with people who call themselves Christians these days.
Your kids are going to grow up confused and blow whoever the wind takes them since you are giving them no foundation.
Sometimes you just have to say NO!!

jme71 said...

Oh goody anonymous had to put their two cents worth in! You know my thoughts on this I've been sickened by Christians telling me their feelings and my kids their feelings!
We will be out tonight as well one is too old he says and the other will be aerial the mermaid . Perhaps anonymous has something to say about that as well I guess I should throw in we've southern baptists and my husband is lead guitar player at church:)

Angie said...

thanks for your comment Anonymous and your concern for my kids.
They're not perfect. But they are fun. And they are covered by the Perfect blood of Jesus.
We don't just call our selves Christians. We are Christians-Jesus Followers.
We say no the important things. This isn't one of them in our opinion.
As I stated in the piece, we have dear godly friends who make a different choice for their families and do it with love and kindness.
Sadly, I see none of that in you.
I wish you peace that can only come from the love of Jesus.

Julie Schroeter said...

I guess Anonymous didn't see the hundreds of people from our community & neighborhoods who came INTO our church last night for Trunk-or-Treat! I think you need to be careful that the "Christian" who uses their religion as a reason not to participate in Halloween doesn't become the Christian who is standing in judgment of others for the choices they make.
Ang, I loved the part about the modern day Halloween & Christmas...that one kind of stung a little, & while that may be a good thing for Halloween, it's devasting for Christmas.
Here's a great read by Kirk Cameron on the same topic:
Lots to think about...

Angie said...

I just love that Julie-that our church was filled with people that we were gaining nothing from except for their presence!
I had a little guy at school tell me 'we don't celebrate halloween, we only celebrate Christmas-becasue it's about toys.'. . .

Anonymous said...

I have confidence that my boys know Santa, Halloween, magic, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy are all just fun. They know the TRUTH, of that I have no doubt. I don't avoid these things out of FEAR that they will be "tarnished" somehow. Yes, the pagans originally celebrated this day for the fall harvest, but they didn't make it about evil. Catholics celebrated those who have already gone on before us. I'm not sure how the two traditions got mixed and all the monsters got involved - probably commercialism. But the devil didn't make up the holiday - misguided people can turn it bad. My boys and I do not make these imaginary things out to be evil - we don't give satan the satisfaction of crediting him. We enjoy and are entertained by this world without being conformed to it. I know we have the strength and healthy faith - we need not fear.

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