Monday, October 7, 2013

Non Essential Workers

Non Essential is a term, that if you watched the news at all in the past week,  you've heard used over and over again.

{There is a part of me that's wants to go find  everyone of those 'non essentials' and give them a hug. That can not feel good to be called that in front of the world}

As I've been apart of this Start Experiment with Jon Acuff, and maybe even before that, I've wondered that about myself. . .

Am I really 'essential'?

I mean there are a thousands of Christian bloggers.

Thousands  of speakers/teachers, who are way WAY more essential to the Kingdom than I am.

And millions of mothers around the world, who I am sure are doing a much better job than I am at this whole 'bringing up children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord' thing.

It doesn't take long for the those questions to rise, for  the enemy's whispers in my ear of 'see He doesn't really NEED you', to be drowned out by my own voice declaring, "I am so very Non essential to this kingdom work!".

So instead of feelings I need facts. . .I'm betting you do to.

The fact is: If you have chosen to be a Jesus Follower, He has a plan for your life.

The fact is: It is essential for the Kingdom that you do what you're called to do.
Maybe it's mom, maybe it's teacher, maybe it's minister to the person in the cubical next to you, maybe it's hospitality. . .maybe it's a 1,000 other things I can't think of


The fact is: We all (Yep, every single one of us) have been given gifts and talents that we are to use.

The fact is: You (and me too-because I seriously need this reminder) have been written into the Kingdom story. We have a part to fulfill.  We are essential.

Absolutely essential.

Yes, He could write the story of time without us, but fact is, He's chosen to use the flawed people that He loves.

The fact is: your talent is not the predictor of how 'essential' you are.

God loves to use the most 'non essential' looking among us.

Even a chunky, 40+ mom of three in the middle of the United States, who's life looks so very ordinary.

Because no matter how talented you may be,

the fact is: without Him, none of it matters.

On this first day of work week, when your life can really feel so very non essential, will you join me in
the very essential kingdom work He's called us too?

Each of our jobs may look different. But, they're so very essential. Do not  be fooled into believing otherwise.

Because of Jesus in us, we are essential.

When the mundane overwhelms and threatens to take over and you just feel like quitting because you think no one really notices anyway. . .hold on to the  promise that He SEES you and all the hard work you're doing.
Not only does he see, he VALUES your efforts as well.

And not only does he see and value your effort, He's promised to REWARD all your effort on His behalf as well.

So, change the diapers, fold the laundry, encourage a co worker, take a meal to a hurting friend, and even though no one may acknowledge it today and you may feel like a 1,000 others could line up and take your place, hold on to the fact that He has called

YOU to what He thinks is a very essential task.

Blessings, My Friends, you are so valued by me and by the One who called you!


Anonymous said...

Dear, Dear Mrs. W: I know that you are absolutely essential to those three mini people! You are also essential to me - you bring me back to God's love on the days I'm struggling. You seem to know just what I need to "hear" to keep going. God IS using you! You are a blessing. Thank you, Mrs. K

Angie said...

You are such and encourager ! !
Blessings to Mrs. K!

Anonymous said...

Not only are you essential to those kiddos because they need a mom, NO OTHER MOM WOULD DO. They need and love YOU. God knew exactly what He was doing when He gave them to you and you to them. They would be lost without you. Hugs! (I post as anonymous just because I can't figure out how else to do it.)

Angie said...

Thanks for the sweet, kind words.
I wish I knew who you were!
Just go to google and create a profile. .it's super easy-that will allow you to comment on all blogs, not just mine.
Blessings for you today!

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