Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Women of Pinterest

As with most social media, I have fallen in love Pinterest.

In fact J said one night after dinner "Pinterest has changed our lives!"

I've really enjoyed making new recipes and trying them out on the family. And for the most part, they REALLY enjoy eating them!

There have also been some great ideas for organizing, crafts with the kids and cute outfit ideas and home decor I've picked up along the way.

But, I have noticed a phenomena, which isn't exclusive to Pinterest; it can also been seen on Facebook, Twitter, any number of blogs and various female authors.

This idea that your identity or success as a wife/mother is wrapped up in how organized and clean your house is, what organically grown made from scratch dinner you served your family and of course you did all these things while training for your half marathon, wearing skinny jeans and a fabulous scarf you grew the wool for and knitted yourself.

That somehow being a "Biblical Woman" or a "Proverbs 31 Woman" is wrapped up in how much we do, not how much we love.

I'm not saying those things are  wrong, but I am saying if that's where you're finding your worth and value as a woman and more importantly, Child of God, then you my Dear Sister are caught in a trap.

Somehow, Satan has realized that while he  can't convince many of us down more obvious traps like addictions of substances, instead he can get us in the trap of the addiction of perfectionism, business and approval.

While I'm sure every generation of women have had this struggle in some form or another, we're the first with access to comparison 24/7 in countless forms.

I've heard it said that, "Comparison is the thief of joy". . and boy oh boy do we have a lot of sneaky thieves running around!

There are some reading right now, who've shut me off because they think I'm telling them it's ok to be lazy and that I'm saying it's OK to not take care of your families.

Please hear me when I say that could not be farther from what I am saying.

What I AM saying is, if you get on Pinterest and all you can see is what you're NOT doing correctly then perhaps it's time for a break.

If you're on Twitter and you see all the post from authors defining what it means to be a 'successful  mother' and instead of building you it's piling the guilt on, perhaps it's time for a break.

If Facebook has you feeling like you haven't done enough for your kids/family because they aren't the star athlete, class president , perhaps it's time for a break.

Or better yet, perhaps it's time for us to reassess what it means to be a godly wife and mother.

Instead of what Johnny does on the football field, or how organized our pantry is, or what craft project we did -whether the people we love cared about those things or not; we defined our success by how we loved- when it wasn't easy, how much we gave -when it hurt, how we shined the light of Jesus in the darkness around us, what if we counted that as success?

Join me in resisting the lie that if we do  more we'll be worth more.

Your value was set long ago when you were formed in your mother's womb by the Creator of the Universe. When he chose to send His son as a sacrifice for you when you'd done absolutely nothing to deserve it.

Instead of seeing us busy with the 'stuff' of life, perhaps if our families saw us busy following Jesus and finding our TRUE worth in Him, THAT would make the biggest impact in their lives. . .



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