Monday, October 22, 2012

Days Like This

Autumn in the middle of the country can be a beautiful thing.

And this year is no exception.

Once again I've been struck by the magnificence of God's creation, as I watched Him take out his

glorious paint brush and color the world with reds, yellows, golds, orange's  and browns.

And let's face as with weather and life we'd all prefer days like this:

But, perhaps even though they might not be our favorite, days like this make the beauty more clear to see.

On those dark and cloudy days that can mirror our lives so well, maybe just maybe we notice the colors more, the beauty more. . .that in the grey of what is surrounding us, there is such a  contrast to the beauty we can't help but notice it more, appreciate it more.

So that when the sun does shine again and it does always shine again. . .even though those days may be long and far between. . .it will eventually shine again, and when it does we can appreciate the beauty even without the grey.

If you're in the 'grey' of your life today would you join me in looking for the beauty somewhere.
Anywhere. It's there. I promise it is,

We've just got to look for it-don't let the grey of right now hide it from you.


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Diane said...

Amen, my friend, AMEN!

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