Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mix Up

It was "Mix Up Day" for Pre K last week.

Little Girl was FULL of giggles as she was picking out the just right things for Mix Up Day.
Here is her creation

She looked cute and had a great day!

But, "Mix Up Day" got me to thinking.

Thinking about how mixed up things really are down here on the 3rd Rock from the sun.

I could start listing all the things that are so wrong in our world-and I know you could make your own list too.

It's overwhelming just how mixed up things are sometimes.

A small example-well it could be small or turn outrageously  large-but one that has been on my mind the past few weeks is the crazy thing called Pinterest.

I had avoided it for awhile, KNOWING full well what it could lead to, but I finally caved.

And, don't get me wrong, I've pinned my little heart out. My family has enjoyed some new, delicious recipes, I've gotten some great how- to tips and craft idea for the kids.

BUT there is a serious danger, I believe, as you see all the things you can make, the house to decorate, the perfect cupcakes to frost-

We become so Mixed Up we think that is what our kids/hubby want, when really they'd take taco night and Mom's full attention.
We become so focused on 'perfect' we forget that perfect is only possible in pictures.

Real life is messy.
And you know what? Messy can fun sometimes.

My home may never be picture worthy for Pinterest, but the walls are full of laughter.
It may be hot dogs for dinner, but Mom is fun to be around because she isn't pulling her hair out trying to follow a two page recipe.

So, join me in pinning away, but let's remember not to get Mixed Up.



Anonymous said...

A lot of wisdom here! Balance is so crucial!

Angie said...

Thanks for you kind words Debbie Sue!

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