Monday, April 23, 2012

Coming and Going

That's how I would describe the past two weeks.

Coming and going.

And meeting myself somewhere in between.

We've been dealing with some pretty major family issues (Extended).
And, once again, my kids and I, have gotten to see God do some miraculous things as we watched the healing of someone we love dearly.

Then there is family life, ministry life, work, that pull at every fiber.
And all seemingly needing immediate attention.

  I found myself on Saturday with a mouth full of cold sores and a lovely fever blister on my lip.
A sure sign that my body is telling me it doesn't like what I've been putting it through.

When I'm stressed this is how it comes out-has been since high school.
And let me just say it hurts and it ain't pretty.

 PLEASE, hear me when I say, I don't tell you that so you'll feel sorry for me or any such thing.
I share that with you to tell you this:

I made the choice that every time the pain from one of those cold sores or fever blisters would flare up, I would use that as an opportunity to pray.
Pray for the healing of our loved one.
Pray for my kids and struggles they are facing.
Pray for my man.
Pray for hurting friends.
Pray for my folks.
Pray for our nation.
Praise to a God who allows me to feel and sees my struggles. Who knows my heart- yet doesn't run away.

You know something amazing, in the middle of that pain when I turned it back to prayer and praise
I forget about myself and only see Him.

I'm reminded that I serve a Savior who didn't walk this earth without day to day struggles, without pain, without the hurt that comes from living.

Thank You Jesus, for loving us enough to walk through it with us, to have walked it before us and to allow us to walk through it now so we can SEE and FEEL you in the pain.

Whatever you might be going through today that hurts, would you be brave enough to turn the pain to prayer?  I promise it'll help heal your hurt.



Anonymous said...

I'm totally to start doing that in my prayers.
Thanks for the tip!

Angie said...

You're welcome, Friend!

Kari Schooley said...

Good Stuff! Pain Into Prayer and Praise.

Angie said...

Thanks Ms. Kari!

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