Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What a Girl Wants

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In all seriousness though it seems as if women are all over the news the past few days.
Or perhaps more correctly, names women are called are all over the news.

Rush L. called a women a derogatory name.

Bill M. called Sarah Palin a Bimbo and such a vulgar  name it hurts my brain every time I think of it -so cringe worthy.

What in the world is happening??

Of course it's nothing new, right?

A friend of mine the other day was called 'A Girl' while disagreeing politically  with someone.

Really?! A Girl . . .so it's that bad to be a girl? That's the worst insult you can think of? Or at least the most socially acceptable.

Then you have Jay Z who recently announced that since the birth of his daughter he will no longer be using the 'B' word in his lyrics.
He's been lauded and praised from one end of the spectrum to the other.
My question would be; Did you not have a Mother before? A sister? A wife?

Aren't we all somebody's daughter?

So, since I can't change the whole of society what's an on ordinary girl like me to do?

Well, it begins in MY home.

I teach my boys (along with The Hubs, of course!) that women/girls are  not  'less than'.
God made each of us equally. Different rolls to fulfill but EQUAL.

And what about my daughter? In a world that wants to marginalize her, demean and tell her she is nothing more than her sexuality  how do I (we) fight that? Because make no mistake-it's a BATTLE!

Well besides the example her grandmother (my mother) who is one of the most amazing, hard working, creative people I know, there is her great grandmother, who in a day when child support was unheard of much less enforced did what it took to raise six children alone in the inner city.
Her Great Aunt who works hard for what she has, but would also give you her last meal if you needed it.
Her Great Great Grandmother who helped work the land from sun up to sundown all while caring for her family and community.

But, then I open my Bible and I tell her of Queen Esther who saved a nation.
Rehab who was so brave she that she saved two spies and helped form a nation.
Mary who knew a secret direct from heaven. It wasn't shared with anyone else first but her-A Girl.

And I tell her about Jesus.  Who meet the woman at the well, who was so intrenched in her sin she thought that was WHO she was instead of WHAT she did. And he loved her.
The women he saved from stoning because He called out the Men for being exactly like her only hiding it better.
Jesus who let Mary sit at his feet in a room full of men where society said she didn't belong.

The examples could go on and on.

I will say to my beautiful, smart, funny Girl, the world may insult you and call you names and tell you being 'A Girl' isn't much and maybe even something you should be ashamed of or at least embarrassed by, but your Creator, God of the universe, formed you, breathed life in you and said "YOU are wonderfully made".


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Very nice job.

Angie said...

Thanks Debbie Sue!

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