Monday, March 5, 2012

Keeping the Romance Alive

I like thousands-are I say millions- of ladies everywhere received some beautiful flowers from my Sweetheart on Valentines Day.

They we beautiful, and even after 20 years, I'm still delighted when the doorbell rings and there are flowers being delivered on the other side.

 My man has yet to forget a Valentines Day and I've never heard him once call it a 'made up holiday'. Love that!

A few days later though this is what I saw. . . .

Back to reality. . .laundry, and work crowding out the romance.

It got me to thinking that not only is it like in our married lives, but it can also become that way in our Spiritual lives as well.

We are on a 'romantic' high (don't get freaked out by that word-God is wooing you). . .perhaps a special meeting at church or a retreat or some 'Yes' to a  heartfelt prayer.
But, then day to day life starts creeping in and the 'romance' gets cluttered.

Not because God moved. . .but because we let Him get crowded out.

See my flowers there? They are in the same exact spot as where I put them when they were delivered . . .they didn't move. . .I just let my everyday stuff crowd them out. They were opening and becoming more beautiful while I was letting the stuff of life over crowd them.

So, just like in marriage when we must push the everyday stuff aside and get back to the romance, I must do that in my Spiritual life as well.

I've got to take the time to be alone with God-to seek His face and approval only.

Doesn't mean that life won't be hard or days won't be difficult, but it will mean I'll remember who I'm making it through those days with.

Find the time to be alone with God today.

I promise you, the laundry will always be there, the dirty dishes in the sink can wait. . .

but your heart needs to reconnect with it's first love.

Otherwise, just like marriage, it's to easy to look the other way and even stray.


Hillbilly Tonya said...

I've been convicted of this very thing lately. God time must come first!

Angie said...

You know I can ALWAYS tell when I'm not spending time in the Word. And not just time-like to check it off my 'to do list'-but real quality time.
It's hard, but so worth it!

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