Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Thriving During Lent. . .and the rest of the year too.

Every January instead of making resolutions I pick a word for the year.

I haven't shared it until now because it's personal (I know that's funny for a blog writer to say)

and in some ways embarrassing too, so, besides my family and a few close friends I've kept it pretty


Now, we are in the season of Lent and as I was thinking on Lent and how it related to me (I'm

a good little Baptist girl so the whole thing is still pretty new to me) and how it related to my

word for the year they just weren't coming together.

My word for  the year is Thrive.

I want my prayer, my goal, my aim to be to Thrive in all areas of my life: Health, Family and

Relationships, Ministry-and how this all ties into my Spiritual life.

Health- getting my weight under some sort of control, getting fit-not skinny, getting active.

Well as of today I've lost 34lbs. I've got 100 more to go, but I am making good progress and I'm

excited.  I'm working out 3x a week.  And, this may be one of the most

important components for me, I'm taking my meds regularly (I have Hashimoto's Disease and I

can be a really bad patient).** BTW, thriving, in this area has nothing to do with a number on a scale

and everything to do with control and who has it.**

Family and Relationships- investing in those I love at a deeper level than I have been.

Often I am tired and worn-like any other mom/wife/woman and the LAST thing I want to do

is invest more in people. Even the people I dearly love.  But, I want my husband, kids, family,

friends to look back at their lives and know I gave them everything I could. Not just everything

I wanted to.

Ministry- Can I be honest here? I hope so because I'm going to be and I hope it doesn't scare you. . .

ministry can be draining with a capital D.  I have two sides of ministry: I'm the women's ministry

team leader for my church and also I have the ministry (writing/speaking/listening) of Lessons From

Aisle 12.  (And I also work 16 hours a week at my youngest school-which I love, which is ministry

which I am so thankful for. . .which is draining.)  But, this year I want to Thrive in ministry.  I want to

see the ministry of Lessons From Aisle 12 to grow and blossom-not for personal glory, but the

message that God has given me to be broadcast to women  everywhere, that God sees you, He's right

there where you are at work in your life-Yes EVEN in the aisle of the grocery store.

Big dreams.  Big Big Dreams.

Thriving this year -this life-not just surviving.

So, back to Lent.  How in the world does thriving  have single thing to do with Lent?

Lent which has the connotation of giving something up, of sacrifice.

I could not stop churning this over trying to see how the two could go together.

And then it hit me.

John chapter 10. . .Jesus is talking about why He is here and what He came to do-and this is the

phrase I've got rolling around in my head that I just can't let go of :"I have come that they may 

have life, and that they may have it more abundantly."

Abundant life-Thriving. . .that's what my prayer for the year is and so that is what my prayer for this

Lenten season is as well.  

What does that mean on a practical level for me?  Well, I don't have all the answers but I know it

doesn't have anything to do with 'giving up' of something that most associate with the concept of 

Lent.  For now it is taking on the shape of service. Service where it's not expected or where there is

 no personal recognition. For me, this is how I am "Thriving" this Lenten Season.

This is a very personal post, that some will misunderstand, some will mock, but I know for others

they will be able to relate.  Mere survival is no longer an option for me.  For some, that's all you

can do right now, and I get that too.  But, for me, the time is up on survival. It's time to Thrive.

To live this abundant life fully and completely, after all the Savior came and sacrificed all He had so 

that I could.

I would love to hear your personal stories of Thriving.

Walking this road with you,


Brooke Caputo said...

Great job on your weight-loss so far. I love reading blogs just like yours, that our personal journals that make me feel like I'm not alone.

Traci said...

I have a Southern Baptist background so Lent is very new to me as well. I did some reading on it this year and learned it involves three things; fasting, praying and giving. Your acts of service very much fits in with the latter. I think you're most definitely on the right track. Congrats on the pounds lost too. That is a MAJOR accomplishment. Be proud!

Katy Kauffman said...

I also picked a word for this year: seek. To seek God by spending more time with Him and by staying close to Him all day long. I love your idea of not just surviving, but thriving. You're doing well with your goals! Keep at it, Sister! My pastor once preached about excelling, and not just surviving. It has stayed with me ever since.

Unknown said...

I like the connection you made between thriving and the abundant life God promised us. God doesn't want us just to exist--we were made to thrive! Thanks for the reminder and the encouragement.

Unknown said...

Loving the song "Thrive" this year. You may find it fitting as a song for your year.

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