Thursday, September 4, 2014



That is the word I would use to describe life right now.

For our family that means juggling a new work schedule for me, a new school and schedule for our 

Sophomore and new activities and schedules for our two youngest and for The Hubs a new branch

of the Post Office he's carrying at and learning six new routes and dealing with and preparing for

an upcoming surgery for our oldest.

For friends and family of ours that would include; cancer diagnoses, wayward children, several 

marriages ending, job loss, chronic illness, fractured families, complicated pregnancies and childhood

cancer .

For the world around us. . .well the news is overwhelming.

I would consider myself a news junkie but these days even I find myself needing to turn off the 

news because the turmoil that seems to be reaching every corner of the globe is just to overwhelming.

But, in the middle of the turmoil I see others thriving:  Books being published, kids excelling, 

job promotions, businesses growing and happy family lives, everything seems to be flowing their 



When we were on vacation just last month I remember looking up at a waterfall and seeing two 

different paths coming off of the very same falls.  In fact, they weren't more than a few feet 


See the white rushing water coming off the falls?  It's easy to spot.  It's beautiful.  It's powerful.

You can see it, hear it and when standing even a few feet away, you can feel it.

But, there to your left. Can you see it?  Where the cliff is a bit darker looking. . . .there among those

very same rocks is a stream of water.  It isn't always noticeable and certainly couldn't be heard over 

the roar and rush of it's neighbor.  But it's there.

There making it's way down just like the more noticeable water.  There ending up in the very same 

place as the more noticeable water.  There coming from the very same source as the more  noticeable 



In the turmoil of your life-whethere it's some huge life altering turmoil, or just the stresses of 

everyday family life-do you find yourself looking at what ease or blessings someone else has

pouring out over their lives and wonder if God left you high and dry?  I know there have been times

in my life where I certainly have felt that way.

But, just like this beautiful waterfall, maybe for right now yours is just a little quieter. . .but also just

like the waterfall-it's from the very same source and working in the very same way and in the end

it ends up in the very same place.

Here's the thing though, that rushing water and the slow trickle. . .the guide told us they never

know where it will be. . .sometimes to the right, sometimes to the left, sometimes in the middle and

sometimes over the entire cliff.

But, the water-the power-it's always there.


I know in the middle of our own personal turmoil and  in  the world around us, it can become

so easy to question if God is really there, working His will and way in us.

We see what appears to be stillness in our own lives but rushing blessings and opportunities and

peace in others around us, and we begin to think we've been forgotten.  At least, I know I can and 

have felt that way before.

But, have faith My Dear Friends, expand your courage.  The very same power that raised Jesus from 

the dead now resides in you if you believe.   No, in the turmoil it may not always feel like it, but it's 

 there.  The key is to take our eyes off the turmoil and turn them right back on to Jesus.

He alone is our safety, our peace, our rest.  

Whenever you feel alone or forgotten please think of this beautiful waterfall and remember

even in the quiet-it still flows. And in that quiet you can remember-You are not alone.



Kori said...

This is a great post and a great reminder- to go with the flow, so to speak, and trust that God is in charge. Even when we might not understand why things are happening- He does.

Angie said...

Thanks for stopping by Kori!

Yes, my job to follow not to always understand. . .hard but true.

Melissande said...

This hit home for me today. I too have been witnessing marriages end, children rebel, and people make poor decisions. In the midst my life is really sweet though. I needed this reminder. Thank you.

Angie said...

You're welcome-thanks for stopping by!

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