Monday, September 22, 2014

#Blessed #thankful

It's coming.

That time of year.

Oh I'm not talking about pumpkin lattes and scarves, bonfires and hayrides and the Instagraming of

them all.  . .

although that's coming too.

The past few years it's become a 'thing' to do, to post your blessings/what you're thankful for, for

the month leading up to Thanksgiving.

And even when it's not on the calendar to be thankful (grin) there are always lots of pictures of cute

kids, beach vacations, couples having dates that are hashtagged #blessed or #thankful.

After all we want every one to know what we have or what we're doing, but we cushion it with

#blessed or #thankful so we don't look so crass. (If I had a tattoo, it could say GUILTY right across

my arm right now)

I've done the 30 day thankfulness challenge and I've posted those very same pictures.

It is always a good reminder to be grateful for what you have, for the people in your life, for

the blessings that can overwhelm us.


This past weekend our oldest son had some same day surgery at our local children's hospital.

{Let me say from the beginning, that we are fully and completely aware that many families

could only dream of something as simple as same day surgery.}

This is his fourth surgery.  One of those included a heart procedure.  He's been through a lot in his

soon to be 16years.

Our middle child has had two simple (HA!) surgeries.

And our daughter had major kidney surgery.

I say all that to tell you this: We have spent some time in waiting rooms.  We have spent some

time wondering, worrying if our precious ones will wake up, if the surgery will work, if there will

be side effects, changed wound dressings, watched for infections and handed out countless medicines.


Here is what I have observed, and what I am learning along the way.

Those time. Those trials.

In those very moments.

I am blessed.

Not often the first thing you tend to think of in these situations, but it's true.

Why are we blessed?

Because we know the Blesser. And when your eyes are stay focused on him instead of

circumstances we can remain or even become thankful.

(I fail at this everyday, in no way am I saying I am perfect. I could tell you about the fit I threw

when we recently purchased a minivan. Thankful was not the word I would use for how I was



Let's be perfectly honest with each other.

We can do that, right?

Sometimes in the middle of those thankfulness challenges or when we are  hashtagging the

heck out of the word blessed, it's because we want others to see what we've got.

As if somehow because of things we have done, or just because of how great we are-

we are blessed.

When you show me the picture of your new boat and say #blessed, I think we're doing it wrong.

Your kid just scored three touchdowns and you're #blessed.  Maybe, but maybe not.

Could it be we have confused the blessings with the blesser?

Could it be that our Western idea of thinking has taken over and  we equate physical things/people

tangible, material things with blessings?

I can't speak for others, but I know in my own life I have found this to be true.


Whether I am sitting in the hospital waiting room, or I am waiting for the test results to come back,

having the hardest parenting day- I am blessed.  And I should be thankful.

Whether my marriage is thriving or I am trying to decide if a jury of my peers would really

convict me (oh I kid-cut me some slack we are in the middle of a renovation project)

I am blessed.

Even when I am alone.

Even when I am broke.

Even when I am being unfairly judged.

Whatever you're 'even when' might be.

We are blessed.  We should be thankful.

Not every day is your kid getting a 100% or win an award or making the winning goal.

Not every day finds you and your spouse, toes in the sand and all the warm fuzzies.

Not every day is good health.


We've got some stuff to walk through you and I.

Some rocky roads to take, where there will be some miles we feel like we are walking alone.

Some things are going to happen and it's not all going to look good or pretty and we won't be

taking pictures to share with our friends lists.

But, if we allow ourselves to look away from circumstances-

to truly focus our eyes on the Giver-instead of the trinkets

Then we will find ourselves ever so thankful and amazed by the blessings.


The blessings of peace in the storm

of knowing no matter what comes our way, we are the sons and daughters of God.

That this world is not the end.


In this coming season of focus on gratitude, thankfulness and blessings

can we make a promise not to confuse pumpkin spice lattes and new boots

with real and eternal blessings?


Whether we are at the beach or in a waiting room (physically  or metaphorically)

that we will KNOW that we KNOW that we KNOW that, grace and mercy and the

peace that comes with them are the greatest blessings all of.

I am so #blessed and #thankful for each of you! (see what I did there ;) )

Blessings to you,


CourtneyLynne said...

Loved this! Blessings to you deary ❤

Angie said...

Thanks CourtneyLynne! You too!

Unknown said...

Oh, loved this! I think it's easy to throw that word blessed around without truly remembering that we are blessed because of Jesus!

Angie said...

Thanks for stopping by Melissa!

Valerie said...

I feel like this post was written just for me! Thank you for the encouragement!! XO

Angie said...

Thanks Valerie-I appreciate the encouragement!

Traci said...

I love this! We get a lot of words mixed up don't we? Do we really love a TV show for example. I appreciate your perspective on how we see the word blessed. Because you are right. We are!

GwenLittle said...

Beautiful post! Thank you so much for sharing! I can relate to the waiting room scenario. My son has had 23 surgeries and I know... It's true though that in those moments He is there, blessing us with His peace, when ours is frantic and has fled. With His rest when we can't sit still for a second and are wearing treadmarks in the floor as we pace, waiting. His miraculous healing, when all we see are the bandages, the pain, the fear. He is amazing and His grace and mercy and love are without a doubt the greatest blessing we will ever own. Thanks again :)

Angie said...

OH Gwen. . .23. ..that is so much for a little person-and their Momma.
Thanks for sharing part of your story!

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