Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Good The Bad and The Ugly and The Choice

I'm struggling with a title for this post.

Maybe because it's been 15 days since I've written anything here.

Ok, wait now I've got it:

Let's mix it up a little and start with


As always, the Wilkinson house is in a state of crazy.
(But really, I wouldn't trade for anything else. I love my people and this life the Lord has blessed me with-although a week on the beach wouldn't be minded either)

In the middle of preparing for what is typically the biggest Women's Ministry event of the year for me to lead, I found my self needing a biopsy, and then that biopsy not going well and landing me in the hospital. Things went downhill from there. I'll spare you the details but it was scary (ok not really for me, but for The Hubs and my Dear Friend who watched it all happen)

I am home now and although still struggling a bit with  pain,  but on the road to recovery.
Thankfully, it all happened during Spring Break so we didn't have to deal with homework, packing lunches and all that.
We spent a lot of time snuggling and watching movies and was even able to get some much needed friend time in at the end of the week.


While flat on your back and in distress isn't exactly where most  sane people would like to be, I'll tell that I was so privileged and humbled to receive the absolute best from the Body of Christ.

From sweet notes and Facebook posts, calls to check in and precious texts, flower deliveries and even a yummy edible bouquet, friends who sat by my bedside long into the middle of night and during the day when I couldn't really even speak. A Diet Coke smuggled in when I was feeling a bit better and laughing with friends in an overcrowded hospital room. Meals from friends-including one of the best desserts I think I've ever eaten.
The Hubs caring for me and feeling the love from him, that admittedly after 22 years I sometimes take for granted.
My Kiddos stepping up and taking care of Mama and not complaining one bit that Spring Break took a mighty big turn from what we'd originally had planned.

The internets was a beautiful thing that week, as people prayed over me and sent sweet messages.


But, when ever you are on a 'high', there is nothing Satan likes to do then bring you down.
Especially, when you're already dealing with health scares.
Twice this past week, I felt hurt by things done and said to me on social media.
Things done and said by Christians.
Hateful and Hurtful.
That part of social media that makes you want to become a hermit and never stick your head back out.
The two things that were done were not be people I don't know in real life either.
There were done by people I'm in community with. . .and if I'm honest, really hurt my feelings.
And if my halo can slip for a minute and I can be completely honest, made me want to lash right back out. My first response -at least in my heart- was not one of gentleness or kindness.


But, here's where the it all gets real.
Do I let two people, rob me of the joy I saw and felt and that was evidenced in the middle of chaos of illness  and pain?
Do I let TWO people take my focus on the grace that has been evidenced every step of the way?

Everyday we have a choice.
Who are we going to be?

Grace givers and receivers or thieves that swoop in to create conflict and stir up strife.

We are all created uniquely and been given different gifts. And with the advent of social media we all have a platform.
We certainly don't all have to agree. In fact I have learned from many who I don't agree with on lots of things.
And of course, that will sometimes bring controversy.
But, in that controversy I have a choice to make.

We have a choice to make.
"Do I use my gifts and my platform to be negative and nasty or do I use it to be a grace giver."

Are the things I'm passionate about and willing to 'fight' for really important in the light of eternity.

And I promise you, music style, hem lengths, vaccinations and favorite teams aren't worthy of the fight.

We were created to be better than this.

I've seen it all the past two weeks. And more than likely  you have too.
Now the other choice we have to make -which do we focus on?

The negative or the joy.

The nasty or the grace.

I'm choosing joy.
I'm choosing grace.

That's all I can do, I've been blessed to many times to let others and Satan steal them from me.

Blessings My Friends, may we all make this world a better place, that when someone thinks of us, the first the think of is not if we lived a 'clean lifestyle' or our favorite mascot or even where we  went to church, but "WOW she loved Jesus and it showed!". . .

Grace and Peace in the journey,


The Richardson's said...

How is it that in the middle of the yuck you can still speak truth?...and light?...and life? I don't know all the details of your world right now but I do know who does and at this moment I'm pausing to pray that He is meeting your right there in the midst, giving you a healing touch, a bout of peace and a continued spirit of joy and gratitude. You my friend...are an amazing blessing! Even when you shouldn't be in a place to be one! <3

Angie said...

OHH that made me teary-thank you Friend!

Jane said...

How gracious and how true. To use the example in Tom Rath’s book How Full is Your Bucket – when given the choice to fill someone’s bucket or take from it, fill that bucket. You or they don’t know when they will need to rely upon it. Wise post, Angie. Enjoyed it!

Angie said...

Thanks for the encouragement Jane!

Anonymous said...

This is why I left the church a long time ago. Christians are the meanest people on the planet.
You say you love, but then you tear each other apart.
I don't understand it at all.

Angie said...

I am so sorry you've been hurt!
Please know that Jesus will never hurt you, just us frail humans called Christians.
I would urge you to find a Bible preaching church, and I just bet you'll find some people who will love you the way they should-not perfectly-because we're all sinners saved by grace-but they best they can this side of heaven.
I'll be praying for you on your journey!

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