Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Superheros in Skinny Jeans

I attended my first MOPS meeting toady as a MENTOR MOM.

(Hello reality check that time is passing by so quickly! Mentor. .unbelievable)

Of course in a MOPS group of any size at all there at mommy's with babies either in their tummy's or ones who have just had those precious little ones, and today was no exception.

There was Sweet Thing there who had her TWO WEEK OLD with here (  I would've still been in my PJ's at two weeks. . .).
When it came to time to feed the little guy she had a darling modesty drape (I'm sure they have a cuter name but I have no idea what it is) that she used and then just kept on her the rest of the morning.
At one point she'd thrown it over her shoulder and I was tickled as I saw it, because it looked like a superhero cape.
I'm sure that was the farthest thing from her mind at the moment, but it was cute.

As, I've been thinking on our meeting and that precious one, I can't help be think that not one mom in that room felt like a superhero.





Superhero-not so much.

But, the room was filled with them.

Mommy's who sacrifice their needs for their children's.

Their beds so a little one can snuggle in the middle.

Their sanity as they sing a long with Barney.

Their privacy as the bathroom door gets thrown open every time it's closed.

Their dignity as they pick a screaming two old off the floor of Target.

Their wardrobe as everything has a spit up stain down the back.

Maybe, you're reading in this and you're still in your PJ's, haven't been able to shower today and don't even ask when the last time you shaved your legs, and you think "Yes, Mom's might be those things, but not me.".

If you love your baby, put that thing first, ever been pooped on, lost a nights sleep so you  could rock a sick one, kissed a stuffed animal goodnight, ate a chicken nugget because that's all there was. . .


Don't give up now.

Have a good cry if you need too, but don't give up.

The days are long, but the years  are short.



Sarah said...

I love you so much... and this is a great example of why you're a mentor. And PS... the drape... it's called a Hooter Hider. Honest. That's the brand. I knew you'd love it. :-)

Angie said...

You're way to nice to me!
And, could've gone my whole life without knowing that :)

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