Friday, September 30, 2011


I got the dreaded call from the kids school yesterday: "Mrs Wilkinson I have J in the office and he's running a 101 temp. and says his throat hurts."

I was in the middle of Bible study at our church. Because this kind of thing is never convenient, right?

I'd been crying all morning as I poured my heart out and listened to my friends concerns. It has been an incredibly long week, with people I love dearly suffering and frankly I was at the edge of a major crying jag about 9:30 Thursday morning.

When I picked J up and we headed over to the Doctors to get a strep test (It's been going around his school) he said "Momma my tummy feels messy".

I couldn't get that word messy out of my mind.

It seemed to describe so well what I was feeling.

WOW life sure is messy isn't it?

I would like for things to be all neat and tidy and yet it seems it never or rarely anyway is.

I think I literally had tears in my eyes or was actually crying most of the day yesterday.

And while I was running between church, school, doctors office, back to get the Princess from preschool, pick up medicine, take  the sickie to Mimis so he didn't have go with me to my job,
I heard this song:

"What if trials of this life are your mercies in disguise ?"

If your life is messy right now, please know that it'll end someday. . .

and in the meantime Jesus is walking right beside you.

If you need a friend to pray for you, please let me know how I can-it's my humble privilege to do so.

Wadding through this messy life,


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