Friday, April 16, 2010

Hey Jude

We get asked all the time if we named our second son after that song.
Um, although a great song- NO. Or after the actor-that's a B I G NO!
Basically, we named him Jude because it means 'Praised'. We were so thrilled when we found out another baby was going to be given to us, we wanted to Praise!!

So, today, on the day my baby boy turns SEVEN (which seems crazy!) I'm going to Praise him!

Jude the Dude, the world is a more fun place because you're in it - you are a party waiting to happen!
You are by far the bravest person in our family and your daring nature both frightens and thrills me!
You are one tough little man, yet you have such a tenderness to those who are younger than you. This makes you a great big brother to your little sister! And, I so thankful that even though you're tough you love music and signing and you still will cuddle with your momma!
You are going to be such a man of God, because once you've made your mind up -there is no going back for you! And, boy do you know how to worship, allot of adults could learn a few things from you on how to unashamedly worship the Lord.

The day you were born and the ones following were difficult days, because I almost died and then three days later we lost your amazing Uncle Mike. Having the blessing of you made those dark days much easier to get through.

You have a special spot in the family, you're the baby boy and still get to be a big brother. That spot has challenges too, I know it's hard to be in the middle and not always feel heard. Maybe that's why you are also the loudest person in the family too?!
You have pushed my buttons, stretched me more than I thought possible and shown me God's amazing grace over and over again.
I Praise Him for allowing me to be your mom-it's such a privilege today and everyday!
Happy Birthday Big Guy!


Eddie Buford said...

You truly have been blessed by God. God will use you to help mold his character and direction in life. This responsibility will keep you and Jerry on your knees, but what a joy to be able to watch God at work in his life. God Bless You for your writings.

Angie said...

Yes, we have been blessed beyond measure!
And my children drive me to me knees faster than anything!! :)

Barbara said...

Love that little guy!!!

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