Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Heart of the Matter

OH my I've had so much over the past week and a half I've been wanting share with the bloggy world, but I either didn't have the time to sit and write a complete thought, I was passing out medicine to one of the littles or my heart was just too full and I couldn't express what I was feeling.

On April 19th we had the five year anniversary of C's heart surgery. Unbelievable really. Five years. Short and long both at the same time.
It's a long complicated story and I'll just share some highlights with you, because
1) It's my blog and I want too
2) It's so good to remember when God moves in a mighty big way
3) Maybe you need to be reminded that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob hasn't changed and He's still in the miracle business!

C has asthma and allergies and as an infant was S I C K A L L the time. That is no exaggeration either, my friend. The kid was sick. Odd sick. Like his blood work would come back with no white cells or elevated white cells or it looked like he'd never had his baby shots. Finally, when he was about 6 months old the doctors told us to pull him out of the church nursery and basically keep him isolated so he could just get well.
Anyway, years went by, he was growing and we were learning how to treat the allergies and asthma and basically a non existent immune system.
He'd gotten pretty sick the end of February his Kindergarten year and they sent us for a chest x-ray to see if he had pneumonia -nothing new, he'd had it before, a routine Doctor visit for us.
The night when I got the call from the Doctor, everything changed.
I was expecting to hear if C had pneumonia or not instead I got 'Mrs. Wilkinson has anyone ever said that C has a misshapen heart?' I could hardly speak. 'No, no one has ever said that.' A few minutes later I was given the name of a children's cardiologist and told to call them ASAP.
So, I called and scheduled our appointment, all the while not really able to form many actual prayers, just bursts of thoughts. 'Lord, please help my baby. I don't know what to say, just please heal my boy.'
When we saw the cardiologist, he laughed at the radiologist and called him zealous -I was feeling good at that point. He said, let's do the tests just to be sure, but he couldn't hear anything, no one had ever heard any kind of murmur and he thought everything was fine.
After he ran the test and we were WAITING for him to come back in the room, as soon as he stepped in -I knew. Knew something was wrong, very wrong.
He apologized for laughing at the radiologist and proceeded to tell us what he thought was wrong. They could see the misshapen part of the heart and there were several leaks. At least 5-6 leaks and they couldn't tell how bad they were. One needed a coil, but the others might need something more drastic to be done. They wouldn't know without going in and looking. So we were scheduled for a coil placement and exploratory scope to see what would need to be done about the rest of the valves. For the next two weeks I was in shock.
The day of the surgery we went in prepared to hear when our open heart surgery would be taking place.
But, a miraculous thing happened that day.
The surgeon called us back to a room where they showed a video of Cam's heart during the coil placement. They showed us that side by side with the video of the original dye test they had done on him earlier to show all the leaks.
With pointer in hand, he said 'Mr and Mrs. Wilkinson, I don't know what or how this happened but the leaks in this original test are not there. We placed a coil in one but the rest are gone.' As we held each other and tried to hold back the tears, we told him we could tell him how it happened! I have never felt so prayed and cared for by the Holy Spirit in all of my life. God knows what it is like to lose a son, He was there holding us up when we couldn't stand. He healed our boy.
A year later, C was no longer considered a cardiac patient.
The hump on his heart -nothing. Nothing except, God trying to show anyone who would pay attention that something was wrong. All the unexplainable sickness? Again, trying to get the right person to figure out that something was wrong with this kiddo. See, he would have been the 16 year old that drops dead on the basketball court that no one knows why, if the leak had never been found.
What a great God we serve! I am so thankful He hasn't stopped doing miracles!
You know, when C was little I would pray all the time for God to heal him and take away all the sickness he was going through. Just think, He could have done that. . .and if He would have I might not have my son even now.
When you are walking through the pain and trial it is hard to see the benefit. But, we know that we never have pain just so God can hurt us, often it's to give us life -just like he did for C!

I know this post was long and not as funny as some others, but we can never forget the day we saw God's hand move. I pray you see Him move for you too!


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Anonymous said...

I did not know this story...but have heard many miracles kind of like it, and know how good God is. It is almost unbelievable how much He loves and cares for us. Thanks for sharing!! Miss ya!!

Tanya M. said...

Wow! I had not heard this. Thanks so much for sharing. I, too, believe we serve a God who is still in the business of miracles. I am so glad you received one for your son. Thank you for reminding me that there will be benefit from trials/pain.

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