Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How Far Can I Go?

We are blessed to have our kiddos school in our backyard, complete with soccer field. Endless hours of entertainment!
Our boys often go over and play together, but last night Big Brother had homework and Little Brother was desperately wanting to go over to the soccer field. The Hubs and I were moving furniture around, cleaning up the kitchen and helping with homework so we very reluctantly said he go over by himself. (Little Brother can often find trouble in the most unlikely of places!)
We told him he had to stay only at the goal closest to our yard and could go no where else.
So, off he went soccer ball in tow, when he ran back and said 'Mom, how far can I go?'
I restated the previous answer, 'You MUST stay by the goal closest to the yard.' To which he replied, 'I know I can't all the way to the other end of the field but how far CAN I go?'
Realizing what he meant, I showed him a water cooler that was just shy of mid field and told him that was his boundary. All that cleared up and off he went.
I turned to the Hubs and said,' That is my next blog!!'

Really isn't that EXACTLY what we do with God? He has given us the privilege of playing and showed exactly where we could go, but we want to know just how far we can push the limits and still not be in the wrong. Oh we don't want to go all the way down to the other goal, but we want to get just far enough away from the house that we feel like we're doing things all by ourselves.

About 20 minutes later Little Brother came running into the house all out of breath saying that one of his friends had come up to the school and could I come and play too.
( An invite, no Momma can usually resist.) As we were walking back, he also said how tired he was from needing to run so far to get back to the house. I pointed out, he'd also lost some good playing time by needing to run farther to get to me.

Help Lord, not to get to far from Your house. I know you'll still be able to hear me and help when I'm far away, but the blessings will be so much greater when You don't need to reach so far to answer me. Help me stay in Your shadow so I am refreshed and ready to enjoy our time together instead of tired and worn out from running back to you.


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