Monday, May 25, 2015

The Duggar Dilemma and Why I Won't Be Quiet

Last week as the news broke about Josh Duggar and the molestation allegations  my heart broke.
For the innocents and for what I knew would be the backlash against christianity as yet one more outspoken voice falls into depravity.

The interwebs came alive with the story and article after article was published and two camps seemed

to be forming.

Here's where being a blogger can be tricky.  Especially a blogger like me.

This is a blog where I write about things God is teaching me in the ordinary moments of my life.

Not, a political blog. Not a breaking news blog.

So, I've waited for a few days now to put my thoughts to the keyboard.  (in the era we live in those few days count as years in the blogosphere)

But, I did put this thought on my Facebook the day after the story broke.

"As Christians let's (at least)be as concerned about child molestation victims and putting their abusers in prison, as we are about baking the cake."

Well, as you can imagine lots of people had lots of thoughts. Which is good, great even. I love a dialogue.

But, I received some emails calling me everything from misguided,  a 'liberal so-called Christian' to telling me I should just shut up about the situation.

And that would be easier wouldn't it? To just be quiet.  To sit down and not say a word. Pretend that no

one is watching how I-and greater still-the Church reacts.

But, I can't and won't.  And while I am not here to prosecute or dissect the Dugger case specifically

but to (hopefully) engage in a broader conversation about abuse and it's victims as a whole some specific

things we can and MUST learn come directly from this instance.


Joshua Duggar has stated that he is guilty, although never calling what he did by it's actual name.
So no one need to say 'innocent until proven guilty'. He has admitted he violated at least 5 young innocent girls.
He says he asked forgiveness from them, his family/friends and God.
Far be it from me to say there is not enough grace for him. God can and does forgive all.  Please do not twist my words or hear me say otherwise.
However, there is a process in place within the system we live in and his parents did just about all they could to skirt it. And they should be held accountable. It is not 'picking on them' to say so.  They chose to sweep this under the rug -in a sense violating those girls one more time.

The time has come for those of us in the Church at large to stand and be a voice for the voiceless.
To stop hiding predators in the walls of our churches by handling things 'in house'.
By forcing this notion of quick forgiveness upon victims and in doing so silencing their voice and minimizing their pain.
By equating  sexual immorality with sexual abuse and violence. They are not the same.


We are consumed with the notion of our rights being violated by 'baking the cake' or other services being rendered to gay couples as gay marriage sweeps our country. We will paint signs, sign petitions, post countless articles on Facebook and twitter about the subject but yet we find out 5 innocent girls have been molested and we go silent.  
Or worse yet, use the false argument that 'liberals' do this kind of thing all the time and no one calls them out. . .did we not learn as children "Two wrongs don't make a right"?

We preach a cheap grace that says 'God forgives him, who are we to judge".
Did we not learn as children that our actions have consequences.

Where are the protests calling for the statute of limitations to be extended when it comes to children being violated and raped?

Are we so hungry as a Christian community to have people that talk sweetly, carry their Bibles, talk about Jesus and where clothes that cover their bodies we will push aside the violent perversion of these acts?

It is time to speak up.  It is time to be repulsed by these actions and all others performed  against the innocent.
Where are those who will be their voices when they can't speak? Their defenders when they can't fight?

It must be us. 
It must be The Church.

So, no I will not be quiet.  Not today, or tomorrow.

And when it all becomes to much, when the darkness creeps in and we begin to believe that fighting the good fight is useless, I will remember this promise - perhaps you need to be reminded again too.

John 16:33b In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

No matter how hard the battle, no matter who tells us we should stop fighting, no matter how big the trouble.
Jesus Overcomes. 
In the end the victim becomes the victor.

Keep fighting the good fight,


CCA said...

I agree with everything you said. I heard on the news that the parents had reported it to police but the statute of limitations had passed. Was this not true?

Angie said...

They reported at least 2 years later to a 'family friend' who was also a police officer (who is now in prison for child pornography). Nothing was done except a 'stern lecture'. He had been sent to a 'camp' but no real true counseling done.

Sherry said...

Do you know what he actually did?

Angie said...

The police reports are (or at least were) available on line. They are disgusting and difficult to read.

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