Thursday, November 20, 2014


I have had three babies.

Two of them were C-Sections which has left me with a lovely scar across my body.

Typically, it doesn't bother me but there are times when it pulls at my skin or itches and basically

becomes annoying.

Now don't get me wrong, my ugly scar is there for two beautiful reasons.  And when it's annoying

the heck out of me, I think of these two . . .and well it reminds what beauty came from that ugly scar.

But, as beautiful and full of every good gift I could ever imagine-the fact remains that

a scar was left in their wake.

I have some soul scars as well.  And they don't bother me all the time either, but every once in awhile

something will trigger them and they will begin pulling and tugging, and places that I thought were

long healed over begin to ache once more.  It doesn't happen as often as it used to, but it does still 


Some of those soul scars were put there by others, some of them I willingly inflicted upon myself.

But, no matter why or how they got there, they still tug and cause me pain.

Perhaps I am the only one, but the more time I spend on this  spinning rock, the more I'm convinced 

I'm not.

And really how could deep cuts that left us wounded and spilled out, limping along for months-

perhaps years at a time, how could they be easily forgotten?

But, heres what I do know.  There is  Hope that lets me know the deep, mortal wounding  pain doesn't 

last forever.

If I have a scar-that means my wound has healed.

The days after my c-sections left me in pain,  giant metal staples imbedded in my flesh, required high   

 dosed of medication, both for pain and to prevent infections and brought about a recovery time that 

left me needing help for the most basic of things.

But, those trying difficult moments have long passed, now when my scar bothers me it just reminds 

me of those two beauties. . .and something else it does is remind me of the outpouring of love  and  

grace during those trying days.

My  physical scar-the thing that has brought me the most physical pain in my life- shows me I've 

healed and reminds me of beauty, love and grace.

My soul scars can do the same things.

You and I both know that soul scars can cut deeper and hurt longer than even the worst physical 


But, if we let the same God who healed the scars remind us of the healing --OH! what a beautiful 

thing that can be.

The problem comes when we realize we haven't let him heal those wounds.  We're walking around

wounded-either from others or ourselves -and those wounds somehow become more sacred to us

than the healing.

We have got to stop wearing our bloody bandages  and showing them to anyone who will take a


It's time to take them to the only one who can heal them, the only true Healer and Great Physician 

let him bind them up and yes over time those wounds will become scars.

Sacred Scars. 

 Scars that show where you've come from and how you've been healed.

Scars that give you the opportunity to tell everyone about your Healer.

It would be nice to make it through this life without any scars-physcial or soul, but that just

isn't going to happen.  So, we have a choice to make when we look at our scars, do we tear them

up and reopen them or do we remember where are healing come from and the beauty that come from

those scars.

Healing with you,


Tarynn Playle said...

Absolutely! When I think of some of my "soul scars" I remember how far I've come and what I've learned from them. Lovely post!

Melissa Matters said...

Beautiful and what a great reminder to turn to God to help us heal!

Traci Rhoades said...

This was so good. Sacred scars. He knows every one. And this line: If I have a scar-that means my wound has healed. I haven't looked at it this way before. But you're right. The scars aren't there until we're healed. I'll have to think on that.

Ai said...

So beautifully written! My wounds have been healed but the scars remain to remind me of my Healer.

Tami @ This Mom's Delight said...

I never thought of it this way.

Jennifer DeFrates said...

When a wound heals, it gets numb for awhile. Over time, it starts to tingle, itch, then burn. The painful reminder of the wound is actually signs that we are healing. Like when God reminds us of a wound or sin, to help us move past it, to understand what His purpose was for our pain and His healing touch. Wonderful.

Jenny @ Women With Intention said...

I have had some serious physical wounds and yes, without God, there is not healing. It is the same with the soul wounds but the scars do make us beautiful. Great post!

Colleen @Mommiedaze said...

The opportunity to tell everyone about your healer. That's the one of the greatest gifts of those scars.

Angie said...

Thank You Ladies for each of your comments. I appreciate you stopping by!

Anonymous said...

That is a great correlation between physical and invisible scars, and the beauty that can be found in both.

Brittany at Equipping Godly Women said...

What a great connection. I've never had a C-section, but I've seen others' crazy scars. One lady I know has a HUGE one that goes all the way across her belly. But it doesn't mean she isn't beautiful--just that she has had beautiful babies :)

Anonymous said...

I loved this! I too, am a c-section momma, at the moment I was so disappointed and depressed, but God used the section in good ways in my family.
I'm sharing this with other momma's who need to hear this.

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