Friday, January 10, 2014

Who Are You?

I received a inquiry about  coming to speak at a church.

I was excited as this was a larger church not in my direct community and not where I had any contacts.
In other words, they had heard about me and thought I might fit their needs for a speaker.

Exciting stuff for this dreamer.

The first question they wanted to know was this:

"Are you like Beth Moore or are you like Anita Renfro?".

At first I tried to come up with an answer that would fit.

What did they want to hear. . .who did they want showing up for this event?

But, I couldn't figure out the right answer -
and you know why?

Because I'm just me.

Uniquely me.

Quirky, funny, extroverted, introverted, thinker and lover of lip gloss and fashion.

Middle Aged Midwest Girl.

Wife. Mom. Only child.

Baggage carrier.

Secret Keeper.


Lover of Jesus, who loves to tell the stories of how I see Him at work in the ordinary moments of my days.

So, in the end I told them I wasn't like either of those ladies.

I didn't get the booking.

And you know what? That's ok, because we would have both been disappointed.

After all who wants a cheap knock off?

What about you-

 Who are you?

Mold filler or mold breaker?

For 2014 what would happen if we all just decided to stop trying to be someone else and instead

were just the person God created. . .

What if our social media reflected who we really were and not who we're pretending to be. . .

What kind of freedom would that bring?

Life is easier with friends, so let's do it together.

Be authentically who we really are, instead of who we think others  might want us to be-
even if that costs us the gig.

So who are you?


Diane said...

I'm one of your readers that LOVE you and LOVE your writings and LOVE your speakings and thinks you are one awesome chick......that's who!

Tonya Owens said...

I am so glad that you are YOU. I know that you had to be very disappointed at first, but you are right, you would not have enjoyed it.
My church has a good womens program, since we just joined and it was the holidays, (and Jerry has been sick since Christmas..I've kept that quiet), I've not gone a whole lot, but someday I want you to come as I want to hear you speak!

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