Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Struggle

This morning as my little was getting ready for school, she was really struggling with the button on

her jeans.

I can't do this Momma!

Yes, you can Baby, remember how we practiced. Try again, You got this!

It was all I could do not to reach over and end the struggle for her and do it myself.

It would have been easy, right?

However, just as I was  about  to reach over and help (do it myself), she got it .

The big smile and sense of accomplishment could be read on her face from a mile away!


As the kiddos ran out the door for school, I began playing that scene over in my head and I

so clearly heard the Holy Spirit whisper in my ear, "See that's what I am doing in you.

I could end the struggle for you-easily-but you need to know that you can do this. Use

everything I've taught you-and  keep trying!  Remember, just like you with your girl, I'm right here

watching, cheering you on. But you can do this!"

Such a true word I needed this morning.

I am not alone in my struggle.
  My struggle is not in vain. It will be used to teach me something.
Even if that something is 'You can do this!' .

And guess what? Neither are you and your struggle, no matter how big or small is not for nothing.

He sees, He knows.  Yes, He could just fix it or do it for us-but how will we ever learn?

How would we be able to handle the bigger struggles that are sure to come?

So, today I am acknowledging that what I'm dealing with is a struggle.
And that's ok.

I'm remember what I've been taught and I'll keep trying. . .

Remembering that I'm not in my struggle alone.
My Father is right there, cheering me on-ready and able to step in at any moment, but He has the full confidence-even when I don't-that I can do this.

Grace and Peace in the struggles today,


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