Thursday, June 14, 2012


I sometimes call my kiddos my Little Ducklings, especially if we're out somewhere and it would be much easier for them to follow me instead of being all spread out, going in three different directions.

We went to our local petting zoo a couple of weeks ago and much to our delight, saw this Mama and her babies.

Mama Duck even had 3 ducklings she quacked to get them to come and follow behind her.

I've been pondering that these past weeks, as schools been out and the kids and I are spending
much more time together.

Do I REALLY want them following me? 

Am I giving them something worthy of following?

Not perfection! But, real genuine love for Jesus and others that worthy of being followed.

Because, make no mistake, whether we wish they would or not


Perhaps, if we make following Jesus our priority those behind us will too.



Miss Hillbilly said...

This is something I think about often. Sometimes I give myself a thumbs up, but sometimes not. Praise God that I am a Christian so at least I know the way that they should go.

Angie said...

No one is perfect, and I think some of the most profound words a child can hear is "I'm sorry".

You're doing a great job-keep following Jesus!

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