Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas With A Cause

 Nineteen or so months ago, our precious friends boarded a plane bound for Ghana Africa.
Their plan was to work in the Baptist Medical Center.
God's plan, as always, was so much greater.
The lives they  have touched will probably never be able to be measured until heaven.

One of the discoveries they made upon arrival was that in their little town was an Orphanage.
Because of the difficult economic times, the church run orphanage had seen much neglect.
Instead of blaming denominations, Wendy and Greg rolled up their sleeves and got to work.

They began a chicken farm, for food and income (selling the eggs). Meeting the children's nutritional needs but also to enroll them in the local school.
The schools there all cost money and the children must wear uniforms.
It was happy day when we saw the pictures of 18 children who had never been in school before, dressed in their uniforms and walking to school. God has done miracle after miracle in this place.

Wendy and Greg are back in the States now, but their heart for missions and these precious children has not been moved.

Here's the part where YOU come in.  Wendy's sister Misty is selling OH SO YUMMY cinnamon rolls to continue to raise funds for these kiddos to get an education.
ALL proceeds go to the children!

Here are the details:

NAUGHTY CINNAMON ROLLS: Made with real butter, organic milk, organic evaporated cane juice, top of the line unbleached flour, these rolls make your taste buds stop in their tracks and say, OH. DEAR. ME. Traditional in nature and with a light vanilla glaze, these are sure to be a hit with the entire family! (or buy a pan and deliver to your neighbors!) Your rolls will be presented to you FROZEN with simple baking instructions.  Prices listed below.

NICE CINNAMON ROLLS:  While these rolls might be a tad heavier on the wallet, they will be much lighter on the hips.  Don't let the whole wheat flour and natural alternatives to refined sugar fool you...these rolls are still loaded with great taste while being packed with nutrition. "Bad" fats are replaced with "good" fats and refined sugar is completely taken out (with the exception of the light maple glaze) and replaced with natural sweeteners such as honey, sucanat, and maple syrup. Good, clean, wholesome ingredients.  Who knew cinnamon rolls could actually be nutritious?  For once, you can eat that cinnamon roll and not feel guilty! Your rolls will be presented to you FROZEN with simple baking instructions.  Prices listed below.

PRICE LIST: *glaze is included in all prices

1 pan (7-8 rolls) NAUGHTY Rolls: $6.00 FYI: I say 7-8 because it depends on how thick I cut the rolls.  Sometimes I can squeeze in 8 and other times 7 is all I can get in a pan. 
2 pans (14-16 rolls) NAUGHTY Rolls: $11.00
3 pans (22-24 rolls) NAUGHTY Rolls: $16.00
4 pans or more, contact me for prices.

1 pan (7-8 rolls) NICE Rolls: $8.00
2 pans (14-16 rolls) NICE rolls: $15.00
3 pans (22-24 rolls) NICE rolls: $22.00
4 pans or more, contact me for prices.

Will YOU help?  

Here's the extra bonus.  If you live in the 50 mile radius of Kansas City I will deliver your rolls.

If you don't but still want to help, the first 5 people to become a follower of the blog (and leave a comment telling me they did, I will donate a pan in your name.)

How do you order? Email

What a great way to get your kids involved in keeping the focus on the least of these during this Christmas season.
Praying you'll help!


**Edited to say that you have until next Tuesday to order. Misty has received FIFTY orders already!! How awesome is that??


Addie said...

Hey Angie, If I remember right, you live very close to me. :-) I'm going to order 2 pans, and will take you up on your delivery offer. Thanks!

Angie said...

I would be delighted to deliver them to you!

Hillbilly Tonya said...

Will you keep mine in your freezer until next time that you come to Cameron?

Angie said...

I could drive to Liberty. . .maybe Cameron, but you'd have to be patient for me to figure out when before Christmas :)
But, if you would like to order some, I'll figure out how to get them to you!

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