Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Clumps and Lumps

My lovely city has a blanket of white this morning.
Nothing says 'it's almost Christmas', like a fresh snow. Not enough for a snow day for the big boys, so it's little girl and I at home today snuggling with hot cocoa and a little Dora Christmas. What a great way to spend a morning!

The house is decked in our Christmas best. I love traditions, so getting out boxes and looking at each well loved ornament and telling the story behind it is so much fun for me!
I've noticed my kiddos are developing this sentimental side too, as they pull out their special ornaments and tell stories about them and listen to the stories of some our favorites. ( I have a ornament on our tree I made in the 1st grade-complete with year, I don't think the 6 year old knew there were years with 19's in them!)

Listening to their giggles and stories this year as they pulled each decoration and ornament out warmed my heart so much. Reminded me once again how privileged I am to have these three people call me mom. God is so gracious!
Of course, having little helpers means your tree doesn't exactly turn out like something that would be photographed for Southern Living. You can tell which child put on which ornaments by how high they are clumped and lumped together.
I don't have the heart to 'fix' them and spread them out. We had so much fun putting them on together.
The day will come, sooner than I'd like to think about, were we'll be singing 'I'll be home for Christmas' missing one of them who couldn't make it home to Mom and Dad's that year, that I'll leave the clumps. I'll leave them and remember.
Not pretty to others, but to this Momma another memory to tuck away until next year.


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